Tuesday, 3 May 2016

Mental Health Focus Needs to Change

Hello Regina!! 

It's been too long since I posted last, and for that I apologize. With the Regina Municipal Election around the corner, I will try to make an effort to post at least once a week so that you are as informed as possible for the election coming up on October 26, 2016. And, no, I haven't made any official announcements as to what I intend to do for the fall election quite yet.

Since this is officially recognized as Mental Health Week by the Canadian Mental Health Association and the City of Regina, I decided to put together a brief Media Advisory on my thoughts about Mental Illness and the need to change the focus from the negative impacts of a Mental Illness to the positive influences that those who are affected by a Mental Illness have contributed to our society.


Regina, Saskatchewan – Former Mayoral Candidate for Regina, and anticipated Council Candidate for the 2016 Municipal Elections for the City of Regina, Saskatchewan, Chad Novak is proud of the accomplishments that the Canadian Mental Health Association has achieved in increasing awareness to the topic of Mental Health. He feels, though, the focus needs to change to emphasize the benefits that a Mental Illness can offer to society. All too often in our current society, the storyline is centered around the unfortunate negative impacts that a Mental Illness can have on a person, and rarely about the good things that have come from very notable people that happened to be affected by a Mental Illness. In fact, Novak feels that if it weren’t for certain Mental Illnesses, we wouldn’t have been blessed with some of the most innovative people that appear in our history books.

“As this week is Mental Health Week, I am very proud to stand up and openly declare that I am affected by Bipolar Disorder,” said Novak. “You will notice that I chose to use the term ‘affected by’ rather than ‘suffer with’ because you only suffer from this disease if you let it. If you recognize your limitations, but more importantly, the potential creative benefits of Bipolar, you can actually live a very positive and productive life.”

Did you know that many of our greatest politicians, celebrities and inventors have/had Bipolar Disorder? Novak is a strong believer in the idea that having a mental illness can actually be a great benefit to a person if they know how to manage it properly. “The downs are, at times, horrendous. But, the ups (or "highs") are absolutely mind blowing and this is where you realize your highest potential and creativity.”

It is because of these "high" times, that those who are affected by Bipolar Disorder can be some of the most influential and inspirational people in our lifetime. Just a few people of note are Demi Lovato, Britney Spears, Catherine Zeta-Jones, Jean-Claude Van Damme, Vincent Van Gogh, Francis Ford Coppola, Ludwig Von Beethoven, Ted Turner, Buzz Aldrin, Jimi Hendrix, Winston Churchill, Theodore Roosevelt, and Saskatchewan’s first Premier Mr. Walter Scott.

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