Tuesday, 8 April 2014

City of Regina Legal "Expertise"?

Good morning Regina!!

Upon review of many court cases that have been filed against the City of Regina, it would appear that a very common position used by the City's "well qualified" legal counsel, Ms. Christine Clifford, is probably about THE worst "defense" I have ever seen - and she has used it over, and over, and over. I am no lawyer, but even I know that when your most common "defense" is based on mere - perceived - technicalities, like a case is "out of this court's jurisdiction" or "frivolous or vexatious" or "past the statutory timelines", you have one extremely poor legal counsel, and how the hell she has managed to remain employed at the City for so long, let alone be allowed to represent the City, is beyond me.
This "lawyer" receives compensation of six figures each and every year of YOUR TAX DOLLARS to basically argue - miserably inaccurate - technicalities in the Courts, no matter how ludicrous, and to try to play the judge in the City's favour. If you take the City to court and do not know your legal rights, and she is able to sway the presiding judge that you don't know your legal rights, she has and will seek to "strike" your claim out based on one of the aforementioned technicalities.

This may have worked for her in the past, but it most certainly is NOT the way the justice system is intended to work, and she most certainly will NOT remain employed with the City for very much longer with this horrible, horrible example of gross incompetence.

I forsee many, many legal actions being pursued against the CITY OF REGINA in the very near future to appeal prior claims that were struck or dismissed based on Ms. Clifford's disgusting attempts to abuse her powers at the City. Not to mention her attempts to deliberately manipulate the courts in the favour of her employer. If anyone is being frivolous and vexatious, it would most certainly not be those that have filed against the City of Regina, but ironically, the very individual who has used this "defense" all too often. (Oh and it should also be noted that she has represented the Board of Police Commissioners and the Regina Police Service in the past)

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