Sunday, 9 February 2014

CONFIRMED - 2012 Regina Election Rigged

Good evening Regina!!


Attention Citizens of Regina. It is now official. The 2012 Municipal Election has been confirmed to be a rigged election. Here is but a small sample of the proof that has come to light that demonstrates how the City of Regina rigged the election in full knowledge and were simply hoping not to be caught. Some may view the above proof as a "minor" detail, but it is most definitely not. It is simply the tip of the iceberg, of a massive coverup and rigged election that pretty much guaranteed a win by Mr. "Fiacco 2.0" Michael Fougere. If this was discovered in Toronto, Montreal or Vancouver, the media would have been all over this months ago. But, unfortunately, we live in Regina, a City where the media have been virtually bought off by the powers that be. A city, where if your outlet dared to question the information being provided to you, or refused to run an "advertorial" by then Mayor Fiacco or current Mayor Fougere, or any member of the Executive Leadership Team, you were blacklisted and were pretty much guaranteed only a temporary stay of execution.

We have hard evidence that proves, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that there were individuals running in the election, for the sole purpose of taking votes away from any other candidate that had a legitimate possibility of taking over the top spot at City Hall. We have hard evidence that proves, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that City of Regina employees were responsible for the deliberate and targeted social media attacks on myself and other candidates during the election. We have hard evidence that proves, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that most of the current City Council were virtually hand picked to be "developer friendly" candidates, and were funded in a roundabout way so as to subvert the restrictions tied to advertising during the election. We have hard evidence that proves, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that the current Mayor (former President of the Saskatchewan Construction Association), has been acting in a Conflict of Interest for a number of years, as has the former Mayor, Mr. Pasquale Fiacco, being but one of a handful of landowners in what is soon to be unveiled, Harbour Landing West.

All of this evidence has been provided to Federal Authorities, and it is now only a matter of time (days/weeks/months) until these individuals are reigned in by those same authorities. You may have noticed a dramatic changing of the guard, so to speak, at City Hall in recent weeks. This is no coincidence. In an attempt to subvert the law even further, a major reorganization is currently taking place at the upper echelons of City Hall, along with reallocation of key staff to other municipalities in the hopes that this will divert the attention away from the guilty parties. Not surprisingly, the ones that took over these roles continue to target and attack perceived threats, and are threatened with their jobs if they refuse to participate. It is no coincidence that I personally have been banned from City Hall for daring to question the actions of Mayor Fougere. It is no coincidence that there are a number of individuals who are in the exact same boat as myself, due to the exact same reasons of questioning the actions of the current and former Mayor and Administration.

Our Mayor and Executive are taking extreme steps to hide information and keep those that have seen beyond the veil of secrecy, out of their chambers in the Ivory Tower on Victoria Avenue. Options that they once deemed to not infringe on my Charter Rights to Freedom of Expression, have once again been trounced upon, now that I am blocked from posting on the City of Regina Facebook page, or viewing their Twitter account. No Executive will return my phone calls, or emails. These were quoted as options that they felt didn't violate my Charter rights, and now they've taken those channels away. If they felt that there were legitimate reasons for doing this, you would expect them to stand up in a Court of Law to back up their claims.

What are the next steps? Within the next couple of weeks, I will post information that should ripple the waters even further in the Municipal and Provincial Political scene. We will continue to push hard for the Public Inquiry, and address City Council on February 24th, possibly for their last time as elected officials.

STAY TUNED Regina. It's just getting started!!

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