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Learning from the Nazi Party

Happy Saturday Regina!!

UPDATE: It would appear I'm not the only one who is willing to stand up and be vocal about comparisons with the Nazi Party. 

I tell you, I cannot believe what ONE tweet can do to get people riled up!!!

I've experienced this most recently when I made the flippant comment above about the Regina Parking Enforcement being FAR too strict. This, in turn strongly discourages many people from ever stepping foot in our downtown, which I find is contradictory to the very existance of the Regina Downtown BID. I made this point very clear during the election, with of course, no resolution by the City. Oh wait, I guess you could say their solution was to increase enforcement. So, now they have THREE MILLIONS DOLLARS in unpaid parking tickets, and they can't seem to figure out why or how to collect. Is it any wonder I used the term "Parking Nazi"?

FYI, for anyone that never watched the show, the sense that I used the term "Nazi" above is referencing Seinfeld's use in the episode "The Soup Nazi".

Many on Twitter are freaking out because they are immediately associating the term "Nazi" with "Holocaust" and choose to ignore the years that actually lead up to the horrific events. They would rather people never speak the word "Nazi", instead of learning from the behaviour that caused millions of people to follow this regime. They would rather people ignore history and not learn from it. We must remember, the Nazi Party had millions of followers. I highly doubt anyone would have supported a party that blatantly told people "If you are of a certain race, sex or culture, we're going to kill you."

Ironically, the very same individuals who are trying to censor the word "Nazi" seem to forget about how we, Canadians, virtually stole this land we call our country from the First Nations, and exposed them to horrific treatment that continues to this very day.

Now, if we take a look at the history of the Nazi Party, it's actually quite startling how many similarities there are between how it was run (and gained millions of followers by doing so) and our current government, municipally, provincially and federally.

- I often speak about the "Corrupt Elite" in Regina. Well, the Regina Police Service has a file (#RM13044792) that includes a sample of about twenty-five of these individuals. They continue to do favours for each other, give each other cushy government jobs, and share your tax dollars amongst themselves for their own benefit.
- For the above, there are some pretty glaring examples, but all one has to do is go to the Regina Chamber of Commerce website or the Regina Regional Opportunities Commission to understand how this works in Regina. As for the freedoms lost, well that's another easy one.
  - It's no secret that Pat Fiacco and Brad Wall have an utter distaste for unions, and if they had the power, I am confident they would all be disbanded without a second thought. As for the "concentration camps", think about North Central Regina. When you hear about the RRI, for example, do you ever wonder why they want to put all of our less privledged folk in one area of the City? The term NIMBY (Not In My BackYard) certainly applies to the ruling elite. Oh, and the reference about reporting parents to the Gestapo? Just ask any former City of Regina employee who dared question their ruling leaders. (If they'll talk!) And people wonder why there are photos circulating the internet of Fougere and Wall in Nazi uniforms?

In the end, the point I have been trying to make, and I think is slowly sinking in to some that are vehemently opposed to anything I say, is that we cannot just ignore an entire generation of activity. We cannot ignore what happened to convince so many that something was seemingly so right, while they did horrendous acts to others that did not agree with their regime. Those that spoke out, didn't speak loud enough, and unfortunately many never made it out of Germany. Those that did come out, were often refused entry into our own Country! If we do not learn from the history of the world, we are most certainly doomed to repeat it. When you see something that you know is not right, don't just ignore it, speak up, do something about it! Don't just assume "that's life" and "it's not that bad".

UPDATE: I share the following from a Former Mayoral Candidate, verbatim. (With edits for grammar)

Repeated reading of these books is a must "do" for everyone. The American Bar has told me they are looking at reducing the time in University to earn any law-ish degree to 2 years and, they are looking at getting rid of 'The Bar" altogether. Truth be told..?.....anyone can learn all it takes to attorney in 6 months. These books will get you there. Paramount equal to this is " the cult that is the courts enjoys people who have been indoctrinated". Nowhere in the Commonwealth is a law degree or any degree required to practice law as a profession. Note: always refuse 'indoctrination invitations' then never a favor is owed.

Example of stupid people who joined that cult: Katrina M. Swan, Christine L. Clifford, both employees of Regina City Hall, both inept at life in general, both corrupt, both not employable to any private law firm, right out of school. Look at their combined mistakes on the court record, at their mere simpleton arguments, at their branch of the cult. Look hard and you will see people who have the symptoms of real power, but lack real power. People who earn taxpayer supplied wages not because of any brilliance or acts of fairness. No. Not that. Because of family ties alone are these prigs paid wages to screw every person who crosses their path, and, they do so in the hope that some other cult member higher up in the clan will cover their back.

This too has proved not to be an eager reality for them. They are doomed. They know it. Just as the City Clerk fessed up to the reality that [ I ] alone, not a cult member of any kind, forwarned her to do the right thing or else suffer fools. As you see, she also thought her back was covered but it was not. Now she is toast too. There will be others. I suspect my cousin Minister Christine Tell will also soon fall from the Wall. And then...there will be others. Because I know how their cult works, I can succeed. Because they do not know how or where I gained my legal smarts.....they will never succeed at getting to me.

Mark my words. Some are so dire and afraid right at this moment - members of their various and connected cult, people like the mentally ill John Gormely - so distraught and afraid are they that suicides are likely to occur. Do not weep for them, the Earth deserves to be rid of these psychopaths. And, with my talents in the courts, a non cult member who can turn the heat up on their asses with no problem or struggle, mark my word here, expect death notices of the neo con cult to appear in the obits next year.

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