Saturday, 26 October 2013

Tragic Results of Bullying Hits Home

Good morning Regina,

Today I post in a very sombre tone. Something very tragic happened this week, and what's worse is the resulting actions (or more appropriately - inactions) from authorities and media has absolutely disgusted me and is pushing me to post this today. Out of respect for the family in their time of mourning, I will not get into specifics on the situation, other than what is publicly available.

UPDATE: The Family has issued a very touching and heartfelt letter to the public. I encourage everyone to take the time to read it and PLEASE listen to what this grieving family is saying. It could literally mean the difference between life and death. Thank you to CJME News for publishing the letter verbatim.

On Tuesday, October 22, 2013, a thirteen year old girl, by the name of Savhanah "Savy" Turcotte took her own life, after what is all too common in our world today, being bullied by her peers to the point where she felt there was no other alternative than the worst option available. May she now forever rest in peace, and may her family take this situation and always remember the great times with their daughter, and hopefully our entire community, along with our province and nation, can take this and work towards meaningful solutions to Bullying and Mental Health. I am a strong believer that Bullying most certainly leads to Mental Health issues, and I feel even stronger that those guilty of Bullying should not only be held accountable, but charged with some form of involuntary manslaughter. This kind of situation is completely avoidable and should never have to get to the extent where someone is willing to take their own life in order to escape the attacks from - often faceless - bullies.

When we are adults, we treat this behaviour as criminal harrassment - why do we not take it as seriously when a teenager does it?

Here is the obituary of this beautiful soul taken way too early:

What truly bothers me is not just that this tragic end could have been avoided; but now, also the lack of attention brought to it by the Regina Media and worse - the Regina Police Service. I will let the Tweets speak for themselves.

In the 21st Century, we are seeing this happen far too often, and sadly, until government organizations start taking this matter seriously, and stop just putting empty speak out there, it will never change. With the advent of Social Media, bullies have taken on a whole new level, where they can attack without having to do it face-to-face, making what they say just as hurtful, but with no perceivable repercussions. Sadly, this means people think far less about what they say, and what effects those words truly can have.

This is why I fully endorse and support campaigns such as the I Am Stronger Campaign and Right By You Campaign. PLEASE visit her Facebook page to pay your condolences, and PLEASE share this far and wide so we can get people talking about this issue. I do not want to see this go quietly away, as it is apparent that is the wish of some in Regina's authoritarian roles. I won't even get into the subject of the apparent letters that the school provided to the parents.

In Loving Memory of "Savy", care of Regina's own Unkle Adams:

All Love,


  1. You make an anti-bullying video with a genre (rap) that perpetrates hatred, guns, drugs, profanity, women degradation and gang involvement. No wonder our kids are so confused and misguided.

  2. Before complaining about inaction from the media in cases like this, please, please, please read the Media Guidelines for Reporting Suicide from the Canadian Psychiatric Association:

    From the summary: "There is a significant evidence-base demonstrating that media reporting of suicides is linked to copycat suicides among youth and young adults under 24 years of age."

    Here's a U.S. site with similar information, including suggestions for blogs.

    Advice includes listing warning signs and providing links to treatment services and suicide hotlines rather than showing photos of the deceased or blaming a single event or trauma for their actions. Suicide is almost always more complex than that.