Wednesday, 16 April 2014

#YQRMAFIA Breaking Down

Good morning Regina!!

In what is no surprise, mere hours after I posted the following Tweet:

a certain former politician/used car salesman tweeted out the following:

Certainly, this is a disgusting display of behaviour by a former Mayor, but moreso, it is the actions of the CURRENT CEO of Tourism Saskatchewan. A position many have questioned how it was attained, after the sudden release of former CEO, Linda Haverstock. Many questions remain, but one question is certainly answered: The "#yqrmafia", as they have been dubbed, are most certainly falling apart at the seams.

If that wasn't bad enough, after the horrible PR that the Regina Police Service have experienced over the past month, it got even worse last night on Twitter. Not only are some of their officers attacking innocent civilians via Social Media:

their own Social Media "expert" is now attacking members of the media.

Members of the City's best-friend-in-the-world media, no less! 
Again, signs that the #yqrmafia are breaking down very, very quickly!

 A reminder of the City-Wide STRIKE in 2006. Many blamed the former Mayor for prolonging it.

Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Fougere: "Let's Fix Roads Only - Scrap the Sidewalks!"


NOT-SO-BOLD PREDICTION: When the City of Regina comes back in a year ("well before the 2015 budget period") and recommends changes to how they can "fix" the way they apply the Local Improvement Program, my money is on that they will recommend completely scrapping the necessary repair of sidewalks, so that local roads can be fixed without the added costs to taxpayers. This recommendation is obvious, when you listen to the horribly scripted words that our Mayor and Council spoke last night at the Off-Broadway musical held inside Henry Baker Hall, called Regina City Council Meeting.

Some of the ideas talked about last night are pretty scary. They spoke of "grading" the streets as a temporary measure, simply "capping" concrete sidewalks which are in desperate need of repair with asphalt, and finding a better solution to the ridculously inflated - loan sharkesque - interest rates that the City imposes on Taxpayers if they choose to finance said construction.

This is completely unacceptable, and utterly ridiculous that our Senior City Administration thinks that there truly are no other viable alternatives to fixing our horribly outdated, crumbling streets and sidewalks, which they continue to bitch about day-in, day-out to other levels of government. It's no one else's fault but their own (The City's) that the state of our streets and sidewalks has fallen into such disrepair as they have, to the tune of $2 BILLION, according to City claims. The Feds aren't the ones who chose to budget horribly for decades, fail to plan for a proper road renewal program, or opt to build a disgustingly over-budget City Square Plaza, or a completely unnecessary copycat stadium (Mosaic 2.0).

MAYOR FOUGERE: "[The review] is going to generate some ideas on some program changes ... or whether we even have a Local Improvement Program at all,"

Here are a few recommendations that took far less than a year to do, cost ZERO taxpayer dollars and can be implemented ASAP. 
What do you say?

Thursday, 10 April 2014

City Hall Declares War on Democracy

Good afternoon Regina!!

In an interesting string of events, the City of Regina has made it quite clear that they will not respect the rights of Taxpayers to Freedom of Expression. What began as a very questionable ban on individuals' entry into City Hall has developed into what can best be described as an all out war on democracy. Keep in mind that I am not the only individual who is currently banned from City Hall for nothing more than questioning the actions of the Mayor, Council and/or Administration.

Recently, the City of Regina changed their Bylaw for delegations to City Council, to limit speeches to five minutes, from the former ten, and - what was publicized as - a less stringent rule on reading your delegations word for word. As a challenge to the latter change, I submitted four delegation speeches to speak on a variety of issues that will be debated on Monday at City Council. Throughout the email exchange, it became very evident that City Hall did not like this challenge, and have set a pretty dangerous precedent in their ultimate decision. Not only have they chosen to cut your speech time in half, but now, you must still stick to the full speech submission, and provide only a "verbal summary" of your speech/delegation, if you so choose. This is contrary to what Mayor Fougere, and City Clerk Jim Nicol, had stated to the public previously, when they clarified that this change would actually allow people more freedom in their delegations.

I submit to you, below, the full email correspondence between the City and myself. Also, in a related matter, the Security footage from March 12, 2014 when I had requested a Police Escort into City Hall to hand deliver Court Documents to the City Clerk. Little did I realize that they would actually send three officers - not to uphold my Charter right - but to uphold a questionable ban that the City of Regina has imposed against myself, for no other reason than the fact that I've questioned City Hall. There is much more to the story on this one, but that will be saved for a future blog post.

From: Chad4Regina []
Sent: Thursday, April 10, 2014 9:59 AM
To: Jim Nicol; Erna Hall
Subject: City Council Delegations April 14, 2014

Good morning,
Please find attached requests to delegate to City Council on Monday, April 14, 2014. These requests are in relation to the Downtown Transportation Study, the Regina Revitalization Initiative, the 2014 Regina Downtown BID budget, and the Local Improvement Program projects for 2014.
I trust that they meet your new guidelines, but if there are any concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me at your earliest convenience.

Best Regards,
Chad A. Novak, CMA
Saskatchewan Taxpayers Advocacy Group

 On Thu, Apr 10, 2014 at 10:46 AM, Erna Hall <> wrote:
Good morning Mr. Novak:

Thank you for your communication identifying that you wish to be a delegate at the City Council meeting scheduled for Monday, April 14, 2014.  Your reference to the changes for delegations at Council is not the complete picture.  I have included in this email, the relevant part of the section of Bylaw #9004, The Procedure Bylaw, which deals with Council delegations.

16. (1) Every delegation wishing to appear before Council shall:
(a) Submit a letter to the City Clerk requesting to appear as a delegation including the date of the meeting at which they wish to appear, the subject or topic to be discussed, the name and correct mailing address
of the spokesperson, and telephone number where the representative of the delegation can be reached during the day; and
(b) Submit a brief clearly setting out the full text of their presentation and the request being made of Council.
(2) The letter and brief shall be printed, typewritten or legibly written and shall be originally signed.
(2.1) When the spokesperson appears before Council he may either make the presentation submitted pursuant to clause (1)(b) or provide a verbal summary of that presentation, subject to the time limits in subsection (9).
(3) Bound documents or studies in support of the delegation's brief shall, if sufficient copies are provided by the delegation, be circulated with the agenda, but will not be reproduced.
(4) The brief shall be temperate and respectful and may be rejected by the City Clerk, with the approval of the Mayor, if in his opinion it does not respect the Council or the City administration.
(5) On receipt of an application and acceptable brief, the City Clerk shall:
(a) If the brief deals with a Mayor's, Administration’s, Committee or Informational Report or a bylaw, place the matter on the agenda for the meeting at which the related item is to be considered.
(b) If the brief deals with a subject which is not on the Council agenda, list the brief on the agenda under the Referred Delegation Section, and provide copies of the brief to the members of Council, City Manager, City Solicitor and the news media who are listed on the City Clerk's distribution list.
(c) The City Clerk shall provide at the beginning of the Referred Delegation Section a report recommending the committee to which the briefs are to be referred.
(6) No delegation shall be heard unless they have
(i) complied with Subsections 9(3), 10(2) and 16(1) of this Bylaw, and
(ii) Council has passed a resolution during the confirmation of the agenda that all delegations listed on or added to the agenda be heard in the order approved by the confirmation of the agenda and when called forward by the Mayor, or in his absence, the Deputy Mayor or Acting Deputy Mayor.

We will be more than happy to add you as a delegation at Council once you have complied with the above-noted requirements. Although the bylaw states your submission has to be ‘originally signed’, we accept emailed submissions, deeming them to be ‘originally signed’ in accordance with current law practises.

Please let me know if you have any questions and I look forward to receiving your written submissions.


Erna M. Hall
A/Deputy City Clerk – Council Support
City of Regina


From: Chad4Regina []
Sent: Thursday, April 10, 2014 11:05 AM
To: Erna Hall
Cc: Jim Nicol
Subject: Re: City Council Delegations April 14, 2014

Good morning Ms. Hall,
As per the new guidelines, it is my understanding that delegations can speak verbally to the submission, but do not have to adhere to what was submitted. And, in fact, as per Mayor Fougere's suggestions when reviewing these procedures, he suggested that the written submission could be for background informational purposes only, and a delegation could speak to the matter, but bring up new information that the delegation did not submit in their written submission.
Please advise if you feel this is inaccurate, and if so, why it was deemed appropriate for the Mayor to suggest such a thing. Remember, Mr. Fougere, along with others on the Executive Leadership Team, have been documented of stating something to the public and changing their minds at a later date. If this is the situation here, I would highly recommend that it be thought out well in advance and with consideration that all of these decisions are documented on video for public inspection at a later date.
Thank you,

On Thu, Apr 10, 2014 at 11:14 AM, Erna Hall <> wrote:
Good morning:

While you are correct in stating that you can ‘speak verbally’ to the submission, it is still a requirement that a written submission be provided to the City Clerk.  You have the choice, at the meeting, to provide a verbal summary of the written submission provided, or read the submission within the allotted time.

I am confident that this provides the necessary clarification.

Erna M. Hall
A/Deputy City Clerk – Council Support
City of Regina

From: Chad4Regina []
Sent: Thursday, April 10, 2014 11:19 AM

To: Erna Hall
Cc: Jim Nicol
Subject: Re: City Council Delegations April 14, 2014

Good morning Erna,
You bet it does. Thus, I would ask that my original delegations be accepted as submitted. I will speak verbally (a verbal summary) to the issues at hand in each delegation. I have met your requirements to provide a written submission, and I trust that it will meet your expectations.

If you choose to deny me this opportunity, then I shall seek further information from the legislative bodies that authorize those within your administration.

Best Regards,
Chad A. Novak, CMA
Saskatchewan Taxpayers Advocacy Group


On Thu, Apr 10, 2014 at 11:28 AM, Erna Hall <> wrote:
Good morning:

As stated previously, your written submission must clearly set out the matter at issue and the request made of Council.  It cannot merely contain a statement that you wish to address Council.  Your request to be a delegate will be considered complete, once a written submission outlining the matter and your concerns/request of Council is received. 

Erna M. Hall
A/Deputy City Clerk – Council Support
City of Regina


From: Chad4Regina []
Sent: Thursday, April 10, 2014 11:38 AM

To: Erna Hall
Cc: Jim Nicol
Subject: Re: City Council Delegations April 14, 2014

Once again, in each of my submissions, I have done just that. I have clearly stated the subject matter that I wish to discuss, and identified myself, as required by the Bylaw. If you wish to have individuals submit word-for-word what they are going to say, it kind of defeats the purpose of modifying the already horribly strict Bylaw, does it not?
Please advise ASAP, as I do not have the time right now to dedicate hours to write out my submissions that you ought to already be aware of what I am going to be talking about, based on my previous delgations at each Committee, and the matter outlined within the delegations.
Thank you,

Erna Hall

1:21 PM (3 hours ago)

to me, Jim
Good afternoon:

As previously stated, your submission does not meet the City of Regina’s bylaw requirements.  Until such time as you provide our office with a written submission that meets the requirements, you will not be added as a delegation to the Council meeting. 

Further comments from our office will not be provided until such time as a submission meeting the bylaw requirements is received.

Erna M. Hall
A/Deputy City Clerk – Council Support
City of Regina


Tuesday, 8 April 2014

City of Regina Legal "Expertise"?

Good morning Regina!!

Upon review of many court cases that have been filed against the City of Regina, it would appear that a very common position used by the City's "well qualified" legal counsel, Ms. Christine Clifford, is probably about THE worst "defense" I have ever seen - and she has used it over, and over, and over. I am no lawyer, but even I know that when your most common "defense" is based on mere - perceived - technicalities, like a case is "out of this court's jurisdiction" or "frivolous or vexatious" or "past the statutory timelines", you have one extremely poor legal counsel, and how the hell she has managed to remain employed at the City for so long, let alone be allowed to represent the City, is beyond me.
This "lawyer" receives compensation of six figures each and every year of YOUR TAX DOLLARS to basically argue - miserably inaccurate - technicalities in the Courts, no matter how ludicrous, and to try to play the judge in the City's favour. If you take the City to court and do not know your legal rights, and she is able to sway the presiding judge that you don't know your legal rights, she has and will seek to "strike" your claim out based on one of the aforementioned technicalities.

This may have worked for her in the past, but it most certainly is NOT the way the justice system is intended to work, and she most certainly will NOT remain employed with the City for very much longer with this horrible, horrible example of gross incompetence.

I forsee many, many legal actions being pursued against the CITY OF REGINA in the very near future to appeal prior claims that were struck or dismissed based on Ms. Clifford's disgusting attempts to abuse her powers at the City. Not to mention her attempts to deliberately manipulate the courts in the favour of her employer. If anyone is being frivolous and vexatious, it would most certainly not be those that have filed against the City of Regina, but ironically, the very individual who has used this "defense" all too often. (Oh and it should also be noted that she has represented the Board of Police Commissioners and the Regina Police Service in the past)

Sunday, 6 April 2014

BREAKING: Dundee Realty versus City of Regina

Congratulations to NewsTalk 980 CJME for being the first "mainstream" media outlet to cover this story, which we broke right here at

Congratulations to the Regina Leader-Post for being the second "mainstream" media outlet to cover this story. Will they use the same excuse that Rawlco used, though, as to why they hadn't covered it previously?

Good morning Regina!!!!

After a week of unbelievable revelations of (alleged) gross misconduct on the part of several "elite" individuals within our great City, an anonymous tip came in today that stands to put all of that to shame.

In an EXCLUSIVE to the Saskatchewan Taxpayers Advocacy Group, we have become aware of a Court Action between DUNDEE REALTY CORPORATION and the CITY OF REGINA.

The apparent reason for the Court Action stems back to the original Servicing Agreements regarding the construction of Harbour Landing. Upon review of the Court Documents, the issues go back to 2009 and the file has been before the courts since July 27, 2012. It should be noted that Dundee Realty Corporation is the largest land developer in all of Regina, and most certainly is a well known presence in the Canadian Development landscape. It should also be noted that Dundee and the City of Regina have had a pretty close relationship regarding land development in Regina. Well - at least they used to. This Court challenge could certainly cause some serious shifts of power within the development industry in Regina.

It is no secret to anyone in the development industry that there is bad blood between many local companies and that of Dundee - the "big boys" - coming in and taking over the Regina development landscape. In my role at Crawford Homes, I was witness to just how big a player Dundee is in Regina, and I assure you, this is no frivolous lawsuit that Dundee has launched - which is what the City's lawyer, Ms. Christine Clifford, alleges in part of her defense against Dundee. This seems to be a popular stance for her, as this was her stance in both recent Court of Queens Bench actions that were filed against the City by myself over two pretty major issues: - The 2012 Municipal Election (alleged) rigging, and the Regina Revitalization Initiative project being subject to an independent review pending the outcome of the current CRIMINAL INVESTIGATION regarding the project.

This story is only just beginning. 

We, at the Saskatchewan Taxpayers Advocacy Group, want to thank you for your continued support, and we welcome any inquiries from the Media to expand on this breaking story.

Thursday, 3 April 2014

Time to disband the Regina Downtown BID?

Good afternoon Regina!!!

It has become glaringly obvious that the Regina Downtown Business Improvement District has forgotten what they even exist for. Judith Veresuk, Executive Director, and Leasa Gibbons, Marketing Director, seem to think it's their own personal playground and they can play monopoly with people's hard earned money. What they don't seem to understand is that, the BID is supposed to be finding ways to - I know this might be tough to believe - IMPROVE THE DISTRICT!!!

Did you know? 

The City of Regina has also changed the time limits in the immediate vicinity of the downtown from two hours to one hour? 

Also, they have added more "No Stopping" zones in METERED spots along sections of the downtown.

And, believe it or not - and this is directly from a "Parking Supervisor" (senior ticketer) - there are many in the downtown core who are provided permits from the City to park free all day, who abuse these priveledges a LOT. This is known by the front line staff, but the executives (whose friends are the ones abusing the system of permits) don't care - obviously.

It's high time that the Regina Downtown Business Improvement District either remember why they exist in the first place (to represent ALL Regina downtown businesses - not just a certain family), or they be decommissioned. It is utterly ridiculous that the City was allowed to blow $10-20 MILLION of our tax dollars on the downtown traffic nightmare that is called the Plaza, which has contributed heavily to our downtown parking nightmare, not to mention cost a long time business, the Novia Cafe, their livelihood.


If this City Council won't, I know many who will.

Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Mayor Fougere Breaks Law Again

Good evening Regina!!

Today, the Regina City Council (Executive Committee) once again voted to break a provincial law and delegate their authority to Mr. Brent Sjoberg, CMA. The mayor doesn't seem to think breaking the law is a big deal, but I know I certainly do!

And then, they considered a report from consultants IBI Group, based out of Ontario, which suggested some pretty common sense ways to fix the downtown, which the former City Council royally screwed up. One recommendation is an off-street parking facility, which is something I recommended way back in February 2012 before I officially launched my Mayoral Campaign. And, it didn't cost me a dime to suggest that. (The consultant's report cost you taxpayers $300,000)

Will you please join me in demanding accountability from this Fascist leader? 

March Against Corruption Demonstration

Good morning Regina!!!

Here is the video I promised you. Monday, I kicked off the March Against Corruption week right here in Regina. There is so much that is happening this week, it is hard to keep up. From the Regina Police Service being outed for breaching privacy for their friends at the Regina Dolphin Club (vis a vis the City of Regina), to City Hall voting on giving more of your tax dollars away to organizations that just don't need it, to City Hall voting on authorizing ANOTHER $100M debt for the Stadium project.

I'll try to keep updating the site with as much as I can, but it's tough with so much going on!
Stay tuned for more.

Monday, 31 March 2014

Continued Criminal Harassment

UPDATE: Site Owner permanently bans me; cites that he "doesn't want to turn the site into a circus". 
Mere hours prior to this ban, and the thread being closed, I posted this warning on the forum. VBulletin's Terms of Service, as a reminder:

This was the message I received, from the Site Owner, "CalgaryRiderFan":

Apparently, however, allowing a thread to go on for nearly 300 pages, over 5700 posts, solely based around attacking one person, is considered acceptable by this site owner.

Just who is the site owner, and why did he allow this to go on for so long? 
Well, the site owner is none other than a Mr. Govind Achyuthan, Chief Compliance Officer with AltaCorp Capital Inc.

As for why he allowed this to go on for so long, well, that's something he will have to answer.

UPDATE: Apparently it's only funny if he harasses me. He doesn't like it when his identity is outed.

FYI Scott Fleming: All of the above information is available on the PUBLIC internet. No privacy has been breached.

Good afternoon Regina!!

Well, today's "March" went as well as could be expected. For anyone that hasn't seen the Social Media stream about the event, you can watch the demonstration later this week, when I am able to upload the video to YouTube. Not surprisingly, many kept their distance, including the media, but in a sign of positivity, Austin Davis with the Leader Post did make an appearance, and took notes and a photo of me in front of the Solstice, as well as at least two other print media, and CTV and Global were simply circling the area like vultures - presumably waiting for me to "act crazy" to put it on the 6 O'Clock news. When I didn't give them what they wanted, they left. It will be interesting to see if any of this hits the mainstream media, and if it does, how it is portrayed.

When you watch the video later this week, you'll understand far better why I am declaring this event a success. Suffice it to say, for now, the entire point of holding this on a Monday at noon, was to demonstrate that City Hall has no problems holding their very important meetings during the middle of a weekday, and to show how many people are available to come to those meetings. Also, it was to demonstrate that I am currently unemployed, and to speak to exactly why that is. It seems as if this is the story that people have jumped onto, so I feel obliged to elaborate further on what I spoke on today.

Rather than you hearing everything second, or third, hand, I'll give it to you straight from the horse's mouth. First off, I originally made every effort in the world to keep my employment with Crawford Homes a secret, which no human being should ever have to do. They should be able to proudly shout from the rooftops where they work if they enjoy their workplace. And I did. Then came September 11, 2013 when Mr. Terry Hincks, City Councillor, and Century 21 Dome Realty Realtor, tweeted the following:

It was after that time that I had been "outed" and it was also shortly thereafter that the continual emails and phone calls from "random people" would come in, stating they wouldn't buy from Crawford Homes, simply because they dared to employ me. Keep in mind these identities were often fake, so it could very well have been the same individual reporting under alias emails. The one individual who has been identified to me as one of the main callers was Mr. Terry Hincks.

The following are PROOF of such emails:

This continued day in, day out, week after week, month after month. Until in February, my great boss (I still highly respect him because this was something I know was a very difficult decision for him) had enough of the continued harassment. To clear the air, there had never, ever been any issues with my work performance, and you can ask any former employer of mine that exact same question and they will confirm that my work speaks for itself. It is just unfortunate that there are individuals in this great City that feel it is their life mission to destroy me, politically, socially, or otherwise. I want to ensure that everyone understands I have made cognisant decisions to continue my social activism role, and am very well aware that there are people out there who will stop at nothing to shut me down. This is exactly why I have not backed down, nor will I "just disappear", for if I was to do that, they've ultimately won. Whether I'm broke, alone and homeless, or not, they will have won. I'd rather them not win and keep my personal pride and dignity. Which I do have, and it is quite evident in my continued delegations at City Hall.  

Have a great Regina day everyone!

Wednesday, 26 March 2014


Seven years ago this month, I, along with many other concerned parents, fought desperately to save a school in Moose Jaw, that was in a very similar situation to that of Connaught School. Unfortunately for the Prairie South School Division, they didn't have the benefit of the - highly questionable and very subjective - "structurally unsound" excuse to use. Instead, they opted for the all-too-often-used-in-2007 excuse of "declining enrolment" that many communities were facing in Saskatchewan at the time. Oddly enough though, that school was actually bursting at the seams in enrolment, so of course, that excuse was about as valid as the questionable "structural" problems that the Regina Public School Board is claiming for Connaught School. To see this exact same situation play out before my very eyes once again - it hurts me so much, not only as a taxpayer, but as someone that was directly impacted by the disgusting actions of a select few that only have dollar $igns in their eyes. In Moose Jaw, Ecole Ross School has now been converted to condominums. In Regina, it seems that our construction-friendly Mayor and School Board (vis a vis Provincial Government) are all-too-happy to destroy rich heritage for new and flashy, just to satisfy their construction buddies

To the parents and community supporters in the Connaught School area, I have this to say:
Accept nothing less than a moratorium on any school closures until a truly independent review is done. 

These situations are far too easily manipulated by those with corporate dollars wanting their way. For the School Board to claim structural issues, for example, these issues wouldn't just develop overnight. This happens due to years upon years of wilful neglect, and furthermore, when the School Board refuses to allow an independent second opinion to be provided, something stinks to high heaven.

It is certainly no coincidence that we have all of this record construction happening in a City run by the "former" President of the Saskatchewan Construction Association.

On that note, another interesting development regarding the recent PCL Stadium Announcement:  
Did you know? - PCL Construction was actually the company that provided a "very detailed" breakdown of construction costs for the Stadium Project that the Provincial Government, under the leadership of Ken Cheveldayoff and Premier Brad Wall, proposed to happen back in 2010.

In February 2010, the construction costs were pegged at $336.4 MILLION just for the construction of the stadium alone. Granted, this included a roof, but considering the exhorbitant inflation that Regina and area has seen in the last four years, and that figure assumably uses 2008-2010 construction rates (after all, these reports aren't just thrown together in a month), it certainly makes one wonder - 

How realistic are the costs in this "new" proposal that PCL submitted to the City of Regina? 

More specifically, how on Earth did PCL Construction magically shave off at least $86 MILLION (considering the current project is $250M for construction alone, and the $336.4M should be grossed up significantly to account for construction cost inflation of 4-6 years, one could reasonably assume they've easily shaved off $100-150 MILLION from the 2010 figures) and exactly what features are the taxpayers losing out on with this new TOP SECRET proposal?

This is what PCL had to shoot for, and was the absolute maximum they could submit their RFP for. (And are continued into February 2014)
(Ignore the Municipal/Provincial breakdown since that's shot out the window now, as well - surprise, surprise!)


One must also ask - Why is the City of Regina entrusting any project to PCL Construction, considering the horrible experience they had with the massively over budget and timeframe City Square Plaza project? (AKA "Pat's Patio" or "Hill's Haven").

It certainly couldn't have anything to do with PCL's association with many - ultra expensive - downtown highrise projects - could it?
  Nahhhh...I'm sure this is just a coincidence!

It's time to MARCH AGAINST CORRUPTION everyone!

Join us this Monday, March 31, 2014 at City Hall at HIGH NOON!